Petencito zoo is a zoo like no other, your visit will be surrounded by jungle petenera and lots of green where you can observe the fauna and flora of Peten.

The first thing is to visit the Petencito is a small island located on Lake Peten Itza where the adventurous tour begins , the island is known as " Paradise Island Escondido " in this small but fantastic island can observe animals that have their natural habitat in Peten , among which are the foxes , monkeys of various species , macaws , and what catches the attention of tourism in Guatemala , jaguars .

But the most wonderful is that some of those named animals can be observed in a special habitat without bars .

For people who are more interested in flora you will love the trails within the zoo that are adorned with a wide variety of tree species with description .

To move from Escondido Paradise Island to the other side of Petencito there is a curious walk on suspension bridge allows Peten Itza Lake .

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